This extensive, though non-exhaustive, list of acknowledgements and contributors paints a clear picture of the amount of collaboration required to make this groundbreaking publication possible. As the driving force behind this collaboration, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), with this atlas, has achieved another milestone in the dissemination of the Emirate's environmental heritage. Led by their Secretary General, H.E. Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, EAD has once again proven to be a transformative force in defining a new generation of environmental awareness.

With special thanks to the countless other individuals and organisations, which we don't have the space to list here, who came forward to contribute to this work with open-armed support.


Understanding the need to develop something that could capture the environmental science, heritage and future of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in a succinct, yet creative format, a handful of individuals embraced the idea of creating the Environmental Atlas of Abu Dhabi Emirate. For constructing a reliable backbone of support and providing the resources necessary to accomplish the content that follows, we proudly acknowledge the following individuals who were essential to achieving this landmark's calibre.

Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD)

Mohammed Al Bowardi, Managing Director;

Secretary General, Abu Dhabi Executive Council

HE Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, Secretary General

HE Majid Ali Al Mansouri, Secretary General (1996-2010)

Amani Issa

Anil Kumar

Cathrine Armour

Entesar Ahmed Al Hosani

Laila Yousef Al Hassan

Larissa Owen

Jane Glavan

Special Thanks

Dr. Lutfi Desougi

Dr. Andrew Dixon, International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd.

Behnosh Najafi, GPC

Yasser Ramadan Ahmed Othman, EAD

Michal Smolka, EAD

Waleed Soliman, ADSIC

Tim Wacher, Zoological Society of London


Thousands of hours of time, in the form of scientific research, travel, management, design, illustration, writing, camping in the desert and much more have been devoted to this atlas by a significant number of highly regarded individuals. The following professionals poured their energy and insight into this volume, day after day, to create these detailed, visually stunning atlas. For this, we could not thank them more.

Senior Editors

Peter Hellyer

Dr. Richard Perry

Primary Authors and Contributors


Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman, Board of Directors, EAD; Ruler's Representative in the Western (Al Gharbia) Region, Emirate of Abu Dhabi


Mohammed Al Bowardi, Managing Director, EAD; Secretary General, Abu Dhabi Executive Council


Peter Hellyer

Todd J. Stermer, EAD

Geographic Inheritance

Mahmoud A. Abdelfattah, EAD

Mohamed A. Al Abri, National Centre of Meteorology & Seismology

Dr. Mark Beech, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage

Dr. William W. Dougherty, Stockholm Environment Institute

Dr. Ken Glennie, University of Aberdeen

Anil Kumar, EAD

Dr. Stephen Lokier, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi

Resource of Life (Water)

Majdi R. Al Alawneh, EAD

Samia Baqqili, ADFCA

Tawfiq Fahmi Darawsha, EAD

Dr. Mohamed A. Dawoud, EAD

Sea to Summit, Marine

Thabit Zahran Al Abdessalam, EAD

Ashraf Al-Cibahy, EAD

Dr. Himansu Das, EAD

Edwin Grandcourt, EAD

Stanley Hartmann, EAD

Dr. John Hoolihan, NOAA

Dr. Sálim Javed, EAD

Dr. Anbiah Rajan, EAD

Sea to Summit, Terrestrial

Dr. Sálim Javed, EAD

Maher Kabshawi, EAD

Khaldoun Kiwan

Myyas Quarqaz

Dr. Anitha Saji, EAD

Sabitha Sakkir, EAD

Abdulnasser Ali Al Shamsi, EAD

Pritpal Singh Soorae, EAD

Paul Vercammen, BCEAW

International Fund for Houbara Conservation

Mohammed Saleh Hasan Al Baidani, IFHC

Delphine M. Delire, IFHC

Mark William Lawrence, IFHC

Olivier LeGrand, IFHC

Natural Capital (Oil and Natural Gas)

Nick Cochrane-Dyet, BP

Mark Hayman, The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi

Peter Hellyer

Anil Kumar, EAD

Dr. Stephen Lokier, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi

John O'Conner, OconEco

Human Journey

Dr. Ahmed Bashir

Dr. Mark Beech, Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage

Peter Hellyer


Peter Hellyer

Dr. Jaber Eidah Al Jaberi, EAD

Victoria Penziner, UAE University

Dr. Richard Perry

Roman Pryjomko, GPC

Eng. Hazem Qawasmeh, EAD

Gayatri Raghwa, EADGIS and Cartography Production

Ahmed Saif Mohamed Ahmed Al Hameli, EAD

Shannon Campbell, Ecosystem Sciences

Prashant Hedao, GPC

Zachary Thorne Hill, Ecosystem Sciences

Timothy J. Maguire, Ecosystem Sciences

Jorge Merritt, GPC


Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), Abu Dhabi Company for Offshore Oil Operations (ADCO), Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (MASDAR), Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), Tourist Development and Investment Co. (TDIC), Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC), BP Archives, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi

Primary Photographers

Mamoud Abdulfattah, Anas Ahmad Albounni, Wendy Atil, Mike Baird, Mark Beech, Stephen Board, Ashraf Saad Al-Cibahy, Himansu Sekhar Das, Mohamed Dawoud, Xavier Eichaker, Hanne Eriksen, Jens Eriksen, Edwin Grandcourt, Stanley Hartmann, Laila Al Hassan, Tony Hisgett, Salim Javed, Abdullah Khunji, Aysh Al Kitby, Stephen Lokier, Mohammed Meharibi, Ladislav Molnar, Jalal Mouris, Ben Norvell, Daniel Potts, Hazem Hisham Qawasmeh, Anbiah Rajan, Pritpal Singh Soorae

Stock Photography

iStockPhoto: “_zak”, “A-Digit”, “aekpani”, -ALINA”, “ayzek”, “bakalusha”, “CAP53”, “clearandtransparent”, “dem10”, “djgunner”, “dra_schwartz”, “eAndre-”, “grimgram”, “hidesy”, “Illustrious”, “iofoto”, “konradlew”, “Liliboas”, “Lumumba”, “Maravic”, “mikosca”, “Nickilford”, “Petestopher”, “phleum”, “sebastian-julian”, “SisterSarah”, “Vladimir”,“-Vladimir-”, “zelg”, Yuri Arcurs, Irina Belousa, Wim Burger, Claudio Divizia, Photo Euphoria, Teun van den Dries Fotografie, Eric Hood, Andrew Howe, Henrik Jonsson, Jwaddick, Roman Kalashnikov, Klaas Lingbeek-van Kranen, LattaPictures, Melissa Madia, Paul Matthew, Vasko Miokovic, Michael Monu, Günay Mutlu, Tarek El Sombati, Skynesher, Shao Weiwei; Photolosphy: Abdullah Khunji; BPK Image

Satellite and Radar Imagery

KONOS (2008; 1m), LandSat (2002; 30m), QuickBird (2005/6; 60m), SRTM (90m)

The maps in this atlas are not authorities on international or inter-emirate boundaries, they only represent the extent of each individual study or set of data. Though efforts were made to ensure that the statistics and data in this atlas are as current as possible, due to the nature of the printed format we cannot guarantee that all content reflects the up-to-date knowledge available today.